Faith Crisis / Transition Counseling

Religion can be such a large part of our identity. It shapes how we see ourselves, other’s, and the world around us. It can give us hope, a feeling of being part of a community and something greater than ourselves. One of the most difficult experiences can be when you realize that the religion you have been a part of , is for whatever reason, not where you feel you should be any longer. It can feel like the bottom falls out, and the foundation that you used to have, is no longer there. Conflicting feelings such as grief, anger, guilt, shame, confusion, and fear are often present. Relationships with spouses, parents , friends, children, and even that ever important relationship with ourselves. can suffer. It can be difficult to see where you belong. It can be difficult to trust others or yourself. A feeling of great uncertainty can take over, permeating every life event and activity.

If we allow the old themes and beliefs to lead our new path, we can go in circles, not making the progress we need to thrive. If you are experiencing any of these emotions, there is a reason, and exploring them can be life- giving and allow you to be liberated and free. And you absolutely deserve support in this, even though sometimes you may have gotten the impression that you have to go it alone. I can be helpful in helping you put the pieces to the puzzle back together, without judging and with gentle support. Assisting you in creating a different, more authentic you. Whether this means finding a more comfortable space in your religion or coming to the conclusion that your spiritual path is directed elsewhere, I can be that non judgmental, safe place to explore. Online sessions available. Please contact me for a 15 minute consultation to determine whether we would be a good fit for each other.


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